Spring is in full swing, and the new crops of vegetables are in season right now. Spring ingredients make great pizza toppings, and many of them can be mixed and matched to create something truly delicious. From broccoli to mushrooms, there are myriad varieties of vegetables that are readily available these days, and most of these in-season vegetables can be paired together on a pizza to add more flavour. Here we’ve listed three pizza varieties that can improve your Italian cuisine experience this springtime.

The Amalfi Pizza
This healthy yet delicious gourmet pizza comes with a tomato base and replaces traditional cheese with gooey gourmet dollops of buffalo mozzarella. Thin, delicate strips of prosciutto are placed over the pizza after it comes out of the oven. The classic and strong flavours of the Mediterranean in this pizza are a real treat for your spring day. So, the next time you make an order for pizza, do not deny the Amalfi pizza in Petersham to freshen up your grumpy Monday night.

 The Tricolore
The Tricolore pizza is colourful, healthy, and delicious! While this pizza sounds cheesy, it’s also loaded with vegetables making it a healthy treat for your warmer spring days. This simple cheese pizza gets a generous pile of vegetables, Italian dressing, and more. To achieve a tinge of green, the fresh rocket is added and sprinkled with shaved parmesan to finish it. The most loved ingredients in this pizza are mozzarella, garlic, tomato, and chill flakes that are added for spiciness. This pizza is healthier than other frozen pizzas and is considered to be the best pizza in Petersham for fitness freaks. If you want to cut back some calories, just reduce the amount of cheese on the pizza.  The refreshing flavours and colourful presentation makes the Tricolore the ideal springtime pizza.

The Vegana
If you prefer going meat-free this Monday, ‘The Vegana’ is the perfect option! This vegan pizza is far away from greasy cheese, processed meats, and bleached white flour dough. It is made with plant-based ingredients, and you would feel like eating an antipasti platter. Artichokes, cherry tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, and onion are few among the plenty of vegetables topped in the crispy Italian made crust. From the disease-fighting lycopene from tomatoes to vitamin E, iron, copper, and calcium from olives, the vegana is not a diet disaster at all but a nutritionally decent meal. Grab a slice of the vegana pizza and enjoy the longer, warmer days with some outdoor environment.

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