Welcome to the beginning of the Made in Italy Staycation adventure! In this uncertain time, working indoors and with an end to the travel ban no longer on the 2020 horizon, all we are doing is dreaming of the days when we can finally jet off and see the world. In the meantime, the Made in Italy team has decided to bring the Italian vacation of your dreams, straight to your home! So stay home, and get ready to experience La Dolce Vita without the jetlag.

Every week we will be exploring a new place in our Italian motherland, showing you what to see, do & eat for an immersive experience all from your own home. Best of all is our chef’s have teamed together to create a new pizza each week!

Earn weekly staycation points

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How to earn staycation points?


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Week 1: Subiaco

We’re taking you back to where it all started. Made in Italy’s founder Sergio Checchi grew up in the idyllic mountain town of Subiaco. It is quintessential Italy, a treasure beyond the hubbub of touristic Rome. Nestled in the Valle dell’Anien, an hour’s drive out of the capital, Subiaco stands testament to a some interesting pieces of ancient Italian history. Did you know the famous emperor Nero had a huge villa on the outskirts of the village? Subiaco actually used to be an ancient Roman resort town! Another fun fact is that Italy’s first ever printed books were produced right in Subiaco.

To See in Subiaco

Subiaco is renowned for its sacred grotto – Sacro Speco. St. Benedict retreated in a natural cave here for 3 years spent in silence, dedicating himself to prayer. This cave is now enshrined in the Subiaco monastery, which is still active and welcomes visitors. The Subiaco Benedictine complex is currently on the tentative UNESCO list.

Things To Do

Visit the paper making museum with its multimedia installations. It pays tribute to the history of Italian print that originated in Subiaco. Additionally, you can visit the Papermaker’s Village and partake in its workshops! 

Flavours of Subicao

To enjoy the flavour’s of Subiaco, the Made in Italy chef’s have teamed up to create the AUTUNNO pizza for you to enjoy – buffalo mozzarella, eggplant, artichokes, capsicum, garlic, salt and oregano. Order online from Alexandria, Annandale, Pyrmont, Rosebay or Sydney CBD

Bringing Subiaco To Your Home

Made in Italy can deliver you the creamy fettuccine pesto, and you can pan-fry some broccoli to top it off. Sprinkle some chilli flakes over your plate and pour yourself a glass of red.

Fancy a visit to the monasteries? Watch this ETWN documentary on St. Benedict’s time in Subiaco. You’ll appreciate the wondrous 3 years that he spent inside the cave in silence, and the remaining beauty of the treasures inside the surrounding churches. For a creepier twist on your night, you can watch the horror film The Omen, where Subiaco is featured when the protagonists visit the sacred grotto.

If you feel like getting crafty and channeling your inner papermaker, try this craft  at home to cure your cabin fever.

Hope you enjoy your staycation in Subiaco and we’ll see you next week for a new destination.

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Divertiti & buon appetito!

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