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Welcome Back To Pizza Month

Do we ever need an excuse to eat pizza? Not really. But Pizza Month gives you one anyway, just in case! Since 1984, October has had its 31 glorious days dedicated to eating this beloved Italian cuisine. This year, we’re jumping on board. Every week we will have different pizza specials, bringing in new ingredients, and bringing back old classics! Get ready to love pizza like never before.

Farewell Primavera – Hello Australiana

It has been a deliciously busy first week of Pizza Month! We’ve been serving up our first special, the delectable Primavera, for 7 days now… and while we have loved all of its garden goodness, it’s time to say goodbye and kickstart week 2!

The weather keeps getting warmer, the days are longer; and so it’s time to enjoy these long sunny days with some outdoor entertainment. At Made in Italy we tend to keep it strictly Italiano, but we can’t deny our love for a good spring Aussie BBQ. In the spirit of this, we have brought back a twist on the old favourite… The Australiana!

This much-loved classic is back and better than ever, with our crispy crust now featuring a golden garlic base. But the stars of the show are on top, the unbeatable combo of bacon and eggs. This week’s special does not feature any cheese, letting these fresh Aussie ingredients speak for themselves. So call your mates over for our Italian take on the Australian BBQ, and let your lactose intolerant friends know they can party with you too!

As always grazie for reading and Buon Appetito 🥰😋

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