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World Pasta Day

Pasta is the perfect dish (Sorry pizza! We still love you). But honestly, it has it all. Carby, saucy, gooey, cheesy, creamy — you name it. It be both a healthy meal and comfort food: pack it with veggies, meats, or all kinds of cheeses and creams. Is your mouth watering too?

This is why we are over the moon to celebrate World Pasta Day which takes place on Friday 25th of October! So excited, in fact, that it will be on Thursday 24th when you can get $12 pastas all day at all your favourite Made in Italy locations! Yay!

What to Order This World Pasta Day

Overwhelmed with choice on our menu? Let us recommend some to enjoy on this momentous day:

The Mamma Mia – For the Adventurous Ones
Looking to try a pasta dish that is a bit different and with an added bit of spice? Look no further than the Mamma Mia with its “pink sauce” that is a combination of cream and Napoletana sauce mixed in with Italian sausage, chilli and mushrooms.

The Boscaiola – For the Creamy Lovers
Get this ooey-gooey goodness in you. A cream based sauce, delicately balanced with some ham and mushrooms. Pair with spaghetti for a full-on comfort feed.

The Pesto – For the Alternative Ones
Our favourite green friend (so that means it’s healthy… right?). It’s saucy, it’s cheesy, and it’s the perfect amount of basil. Topped with pine nuts & eaten with penne – it’s a sure winner.

It’s not like we needed a reason to slurp up mountains of fettuccine, but were you curious about how this day came to be? Well, on the 25th of October in 1995, the World Pasta Congress gathered and decided this long-loved noodle needed a day of acknowledgement. From then onwards, World Pasta Day promotes the consumption of this glorious carb, as long as emphasises its cultural and culinary importance.

So stop gnocching around, we know you want pasta. Come over and spaghett it!

As always grazie for reading and Buon Appetito 🥰😋

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