Who does not like pizza? Almost everyone that I know could not resist the smell of pizzas freshly baked from the oven. Whether for stress eating or for a quick dinner with family, pizza is one of the most ordered and delivered food in Sydney.

Authentic Italian Pizza

An authentic pizza from Italy is commonly garnished with olive oil, garlic, some fresh pureed tomatoes and oregano, which makes its flavour unique. This ingredient gives out the herby taste in our favourite Italian pizza. In addition to having tasty flavours, these ingredients make it a healthy dish to munch in.

A taste of Italian in Australia

Craving for an authentic Italian pizza? There is no need to travel hundreds of miles to get one. In just minutes, you can order one from the best pizza Canada Bay restaurant in New South Wales. It offers a variety of Italian dishes. On top of the mouth watering pizzas, you can also order authentic Italian tasting pasta and desserts.

Are you a vegan or on a diet? Well this place is perfect for you as it has a new style of pizza especially catered for vegetarians and vegans – the Vegan Pizza!

Aiming to lose weight and eat healthy, I tried the different vegan pizza variations of this outstanding pizza restaurant Canada Bay has.

Here is my quick review of them.

Vegarita: Margherita With a Twist

This pizza is rich in tomato sauce, vegan cheese, basil, oregano makes it not just tastier but also healthier. It is a must try for vegetarians and vegans as it is the healthy version of your classic flavourful Margherita pizza.

Vegariana: Good for Your Heart Dish

The ingredients used in this pizza are heart-friendly. They have onions, mushroom, capsicum, spinach and olives that have antioxidants which can lower our risk of having heart diseases. To balance the flavour, of course the veggies are topped with the tasty vegan mozzarella that many people love.

The Vegana

I’m so excited to taste this because it has more healthy vegan toppings than before. In addition to the usual mushrooms and onions and mozzarella, this flavor has artichokes, cherry tomatoes and olives that made its taste way way better.

A Pizza at Your Doorstep

A movie night with your loved ones won’t be complete without having a box of pizza to enjoy. No need to go out to grab some pizza slices. With a quick call or online order, you can gorge on your favorite meat or vegan flavored pizzas in an instant. With the best pizza delivery Canada Bay restaurant, you can enjoy an authentic Italian pizza at the very comfort of your home.