Hello home holidayers! Nice to have you back for week two of our Italian staycation! From the historical hills of Subiaco, we are taking a one hour drive west to the bustling capital of Roma. Let’s rent a vespa for the day so we can zip between the traffic and through the ancient alleyways of this incredible city.

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Week 2: Roma

The Eternal City – as ancients rightfully called it it – is one to tickle all your senses. The sights, the history, the food. You can’t go wrong. It all dates back to 735 BC, when the city was supposedly founded by Romulus. But Roma was not always the capital, it stole the title from Florence in 1870 when the powerful empire joined the Italian Kingdom. Nowadays, the city has over 900 churches and 280 fountains. Through a lot of these intricately-decorated fountains flows potable water, so help out Mother Earth on your Roman Holiday and bring your water bottle for free refills!

Pizza Trevi

To bring the flavours of Roma to you, the Made in Italy chef’s have teamed up again to bring you pizza trevi; Tomato Base Itailan Sausage, Spinach, Salt, garlic, Chili and Mozzarella Cheese.

To See in Roma

Go at sunrise to beat the crowds at the Fontana di Trevi. The beautiful monument is the largest Baroque fountain in the city, and there you can partake in the iconic coin throwing. Put a euro in your right hand and fling it backwards over your left shoulder – this is supposed to guarantee that you’ll return to The Eternal City! From this tradition, almost 700,000 euros are collected annually. This money is donated to the Catholic charity ‘Caritas” – who help out Roman families in need.

For the lovers of history, visit The Pantheon. It is the best preserved monument of Imperial Rome. It’s so incredible, even the famous artist Raphael wanted to be buried there! The Pantheon has been considered the world’s only architecturally perfect building.

To Do in Roma

There is nothing more Roman than taking a tour of the iconic Colosseo and the neighbouring Palatine Hill. The Colosseo is an incredible structure, finished in 80 AD, and made to seat around 50,000 spectators. Inside you’ll be able to see where the gladiators and the emperors walked all those thousands of years ago.

Flavours of Roma

Roma is famous for all of the best Italian fare, pizza, pasta, gelato and espresso. Pizza al taglio is pizza sold by the slice or by the kilo – so you can pay accordingly when you are on a snacking spree. Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper) are the stars of the Roman pasta scene. Nothing beats cheesy, gooey goodness. For dessert, get the best of both worlds by ordering tiramisu-flavoured gelato… yum

Bringing Roma Home

Enjoy romantic Roma with a candlelit dinner & watch the classic Roman Holiday or the magical To Rome with love. Pour a glass of rosso, order Made in Italy and settle in for an evening of Italian loving.

Dive into the rich history of Roma through Rome RebornDownload the app on your technology of choice and experience the city at the peak of its glory. If you can’t get enough of the ancients, their stories and their buildings, the University of Reading offers a free (!!) online course called Rome: A Virtual Tour of the Ancient City. 

You can take a more creative approach to history by instead indulging in the film Gladiator – the perfect mix of ancient and action.

Compliment your Roman activity of choice with our Made in Italy menu, delivered straight to your doorstep with all health precautions and distancing restrictions taken care of and enjoy this week’s pizza creation inspired by Roma – pizza trevi – you won’t be disappointed!

Hope you enjoy your staycation in Roma and we’ll see you next week in the seaside village of Anzio.

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Divertiti & buon appetito!

Nonna Vittoria👵