We’re still spending time indoors, trying to live our best social lives within the social distancing parameters. So the Made in Italy team is bringing you a new series to continue spritzing up your work-from-home routine. Introducing: The DIY Bar – Know it, make it & drink it! Light some candles, dust off the cocktail shaker and let’s get pairing drinks to your favourite Made in Italy dishes.


This beloved drink takes many forms, but its most famous kinds that originated in Italy would be Moscato and Prosecco. However, Italy now produces many other wines originating from its neighbouring countries (such as France and Germany), making delicious Italian versions of Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Chardonnay. 


White wine is undergoes the fermentation process without the grape skins, thus giving it that renown light, sometimes golden colour. This kind of wine has existed for at least 2500 years. There is a wide variety of kinds of white wine, each due to differing methods of winemaking and ratios of residual sugars.

The first trace of wine that we know of dates back to 7500 years ago, in what we now know as Iran. The presence of wine in the Middle East has been verified through ancient epigraphy, which even distinguished its colours and its various tastes – some described as good, others as sour. In ancient Greece, wine has existed since the age of Hippocrates. He was a physician born around 460BC who regularly prescribed white wine to patients. 


Whilst white wine is regularly consumed as a standalone drink, it can be used as an ingredient in many cocktails. To experiment with white wine, try making a white wine sangria with this recipe:


  • 1 bottle white wine* (we opted for a pinot grigio // other options would be a dry riesling, sauvignon blanc, or cava for a sparkling option)
  • 1 medium lemon (thinly sliced)
  • 1 medium lime (thinly sliced)
  • 8-10 mint leaves
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 2 Tbsp water


  • Prepare simple syrup by mixing sugar and water in a small dish and microwaving for 30-second increments until sugar is dissolved. Alternatively, prepare a large batch on the stovetop using a 1:1 sugar-water ratio and reserve for later use.
  • Once simple syrup is ready, add 1 Tablespoon to each wine glass. Then add mint leaves and stir/lightly muddle. Next add several slices each of lemon and lime.
  • Top off with wine and let set for a few minutes so the flavours can meld together. Top off with more wine and citrus as needed.


For each particular type of wine, a different kind of dish is recommended. At Made in Italy you can sip on Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.

For the typically dry, light & smoky Sauvignon Blanc, go for a creamy or oil based sauce. Pair with our Boscaiola or Carbonara sauces, choosing whichever kind of pasta you prefer! We love to a slurp and sip situation, so we would opt for a Spaghetti or Fettucine.

Try the Riesling paired with our deeply savoury or spicy dishes. For pizza, enjoy a delicate Margherita or a picante Gamberi.

With the punchy Chardonnay, we would recommend a dish with a strongly flavoured dish. Our Pesto pasta would pair perfectly,

If you’re choosing the strong & smooth Pinot Grigio, treat yourself to any of our tomato-based pizzas. Meat lovers can try our Pollo pizza, and vegetarians can indulge in the Tricolore.

Dine and wine with us at our Alexandria, Annandale or Pyrmont locations (fully licensed) to celebrate white wine day on August 3rd alongside a delicious meal or grab a bottle of Vino Bianco and enjoy at home and let us deliver your Made in Italy meal to you!

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Grazie for reading and as always buon appetito!

Nonna Vittoria👵

* This web page is intended for those only of legal drinking age and in a responsible manner. Nonna Vittoria does not encourage or support irresponsible drinking or promotions of alcohol to those under the legal drinking age.