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A Story Of Two Cultures

Everybody honors Australia Day differently, as it is a day with many meanings. At Made in Italy, we celebrate the relationship between Italy and Australia – and how we have influenced Australian culture and cuisine throughout the years.

To celebrate this coming together of cultures, you guessed it…we created a pizza, topped it with the Aussie classics of Bacon, Eggs and BBQ sauce and called it the Australiana.

The newest edition of this old favorite mixes things up again with the combination of a BBQ sauce base, Bacon, Eggs, Oregano, Parmesan, a touch of Salt and Mozzarella Cheese to finish things off.

The Australiana will be available on Sunday the 26th of January (Annandale, Alexandria, Rose Bay and Pyrmont locations) and Monday the 27th of January (Annandale, Alexandria and Rose Bay locations) so don’t miss out!!

The Italian Influence on Australian Culture

Italian migration began in the 1770s, mostly as free settlers. But the biggest surge of immigration occurred just after World War II. Italian Australians now make up the third largest ethnic group in the land Down Under, and it is also the third most used language in the country!

From the very beginning, Italian immigrants made an impact on the Australian culture; especially the cuisine. They brought with them all the things we now love – garlic, olive oil, pizza, pasta… They especially played large role in introducing wine, and creating the coffee culture we are now so proud of.

We are super thankful for our Italian ancestors for sharing their wonderful simple & fresh recipes, allowing us to enjoy the taste of Mediterranean on the other side of the globe. What better way to enjoy “a slice of Italy in Sydney” than enjoying a classic Margherita, with a cheeky spritz to celebrate the good things from both countries – pizza & happy hour!

As always grazie for reading and Buon Appetito 🥰😋

Ciao for now

Nonna Vittoria👵

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