Meatball Day

Meatball Day – a whole day dedicated to these delicious little versatile balls that can be made with any number of meats and meat combinations and found all over the world in almost any culture.

History of The Meatball

There are many times throughout early history in which Meatballs have been seen in culinary records, with many and a diverse range of nations being able to state a claim on the first Meatballs created, such as; Turkey (with a dish called Kofte), China (where there are records of recipes dating back to 221BC), and Ancient Rome (where there is a surviving cookbook that holds a number of different Meatball recipes).

Meatball traditions and recipes vary all over the world by region – whether it be Europe, the America’s or the Middle East and South Asia, with some regions even having an influence on the style and recipes other regions (most notably is the European influence on the America’s and the Italian influence on the United States).

Notable Dishes And Recipes

With the Meatball being so versatile and found in all corners of the globe, there are so many different ways and dishes in which they are enjoyed, some notable dishes are; 

Russia, in which they are known as “Kotlety”, and can be made with chicken, beef, pork or fish – with rice, potatoes and other vegetables mixed in too.

Turkey, in which they are known as “Kofte”, which come in many different varieties, sizes and shapes and are generally made using ground lamb or a mix of ground lamb and beef.

Brazil, in which they are known as “Almondegas”, and inspired from Italian influences and generally served with pasta and tomato sauce.

Italy, in which they are known as “Polpette” with the main ingredients generally consisting of beef and/or pork and sometimes poultry or sausage.

At Made in Italy we create our Polpette using only the finest locally sourced veal mince which is then mixed by our trained chefs with a combination of breadcrumbs, free range eggs, then adding a touch of freshly diced parsley and a pinch of salt and parmesan for extra flavour, before being hand-rolled and finally cooked to perfection for you to enjoy.

To celebrate Meatball day, simply gather your friends and family, Order Online or download our iOS or Android app and enjoy a Meatball based meal from Made in Italy as we endeavor to always “feed you like family”.

As always grazie for reading and Buon Appetito 🥰😋

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