Come va, staycation-takers! We continue onto our seventh week of traveling digitally through the Italian motherland. We have been sharing weekly destinations, there attractions, and how to best experience these at home. Last week we got lost in the idyllic towns of the Amalfi Coast, and this week we take a flight over to the surreal isle of Sicilia. Join us as we continue to explore the beauty that the Italian west coast has to offer!

Week 7: Sicilia

We have landed in the biggest island in the Mediterranean! Like much of Italy, it boasts archaeological ruins, incredible natural sights and delicious food. Culturally, it has become a big melting pot of all of the ancient civilisations that have resided here throughout history – the Arabs, Normans, Byzantines, Greeks, Romans and Spanish have all had their time ruling the island. The only independent variable on the island is the maleficent Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, which actually erupted recently in 2017.

Pizza Sicilia

To enjoy the flavours of Sicilia during your staycation adventure, the Made in Italy chefs have teamed up to bring you Pizza Sicilia, featuring; a Tomato Base, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Eggplant, Oregano, Chili and Mozzarella.

To See in Sicilia

The Volcano of Mount Etna has to be on every thrill-seeker’s to-see list. The UNESCO site has cable cars can take you to the summit, where you can explore the volcanic landscape either on foot, or in all-terrain vehicles. It has a surprising colour palette influenced by the minerals found there: red, white and black hues meld together. The surface is constantly changing, as volcanic vents, fumaroles, hot springs, and lava flows shift the extraterrestrial-like scenery.

To Do in Sicilia

Island of Ortygia is known as Città Vecchia (old city), and its consequently renown for its many historical relics. It is home to the Neapolis Archaeological park, the quintessential Mercato di Ortigia, crystalline turquoise waters and decadent street food. Eat to your heart’s content and walk it off on the pristine shorelines.

For the history lovers, Valley of Temples is an archaeological park renown for its 5th & 6th century BC temples. The Temple of Concordia present at the park even inspired the UNESCO logo! The park is the largest archaeological site of its nature in the world, so it is definitely worth to take your time admiring the relics of worlds past.

Flavours of Sicilia

Without knowing it, some of those typical Italian indulgences you love, actually originate from Sicilia. Arancini, stuffed deep fried rice balls, are a staple street food to nibble on through the island’s cobbled streets. For a sit down meal, you’d enjoy a delicious eggplant parmigiana – a vegetarian’s dream. For the sweeter palates Sicilia offers a crumbly-creamy combo in the shape of a Cannoli, and everything pistachio! Gelato is definitely a highlight on the island.

Bringing Sicilia Home

Enjoy this week’s destination by immersing yourself in our especially created Pizza Sicilia: Tomato base, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Eggplant, Oregano, Chilli and Mozzarella. Or if you feel like enjoying a Sicilian morning, we serve Cannoli at our Annandale location for breakfast!

Watch Cinema Paradiso, an iconic Italian film set in Sicilia. The film is an ode to the timeless town life nature that the island holds. It shares nostalgic shots of the Sicilian town of Bagheria and beach of Cefalù. It is a heartwarming film sprinkled with a little bit of everything that you could dream of a Sicilian childhood and its accompanying adulthood reflections.

Enjoy you staycation and the sites, sounds and flavours of Sicilia and we look forward to taking you on another adventure next week in Puglia

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Lastly, as always buon appetito!

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