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Where in Italy do you belong?

Are you feeling the cold, and like you’ve missed out on yet another Euro summer? We get it, we also wish we were drinking vino in a Ristorante, on a warm golden afternoon, with an accordion playing in the background. Lucky for you, we provide the closest thing to that exact feeling – as you take a bite from one of our pizzas.

So what does your favourite Made in Italy pizza say about you? Find out where you should spend your next Euro summer:

Margherita / Napoli – Naples

You love the classic, traditional recipes. Go back to the roots of pizza. So they say, that in 1889 the Margherita was created for the Queen consort Margherita of Savoy – and that the ingredients represent the Italian flag. And as for the anchovies, you’ll find on your trip down to Naples how much they loved them in Pompeii!

Nutella Calzone /Capricciosa – Milan

Love to shake things up with your order, but keeping your class? A sweet pizza folded in half, or the alternative version of a well-loved pizza. You’re off to Milan — a sophisticated city, groundbreaker in fashion. Indulge in the syrupy nature of this eclectic city.

Gamberi / Calabrese  – Sicily

One for the seafood, you have to go where it’s fresh and abundant. Sicily will fulfill all your hot & salty gamberi and acciuga dreams. A white wine, a cool  plate of oysters, on an old stone balcony — yes please!

Amalfi / Tricolore – Positano

You love those fresh flavours, and are all for the aesthetics. Jet off to Positano — the land of tangy lemons, spicy pepperoncini and views to boot (or to take many instagram photos). Enjoy your flashy pizzas under those famous orange sun umbrellas, followed by a quick dip in the Mediterranean. Bliss!

Vegetariana / Pollo – Tuscany

A quintessential romantic with a love for the good  country life. You appreciate the earthy, homegrown  flavours of deep Italy – garden vegetables and local  chicken. Take time to slow down: drives through tree-lined winding roads, and organic vineyard red wines at sunset.

As always grazie for reading and Buon Appetito 🥰😋

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