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Take on Veganuary

New year, new challenges! Kickstart 2020 powered by plants – and plants only! Join us in taking on Veganuary. For the entire month of January, try a plant-based, vegan lifestyle by ditching dairy, eggs and meat. We believe you can get through it, especially if you’ve got vegan Made in Italy pizzas on your side.

The History of Veganuary

Every year since being established in 2014, the number of Veganuary participants has more than doubled. This campaign is run by a UK non-profit of the same name, who encourage people to challenge themselves with this alternative diet and see the benefits in their health and the earth.

Whilst signing up to Veganuary provides you with a “starter kit”, and the internet is filled with vegan recipes, we’ve got something better to help you get through this month… a delicious, dedicated vegan menu (and FREE DELIVERY to your door)! It doesn’t get easier or tastier than this.

In January 2020, bring on these Made in Italy superstars: The Vegarita, The Vegariana and the Vegana. Using the freshest local ingredients, the loving Italian recipes & Follow Your Heart Mozzarella; we’ll make this month the tastiest and healthiest of your year!

Would you like to learn more abut our Vegan range of pizzas? Check out our Vegan range here

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