Ravioli Day

Nonnas like any excuse to feed our darlings, so gather round the Made in Italy table and get ready to leave like the pasta of the hour –– stuffed! That’s right, today we are dedicating it to our delicious Ravioli. We are super excited to celebrate Ravioli Day…so excited in fact we are celebrating one day early on Thursday 19th March! With any Ravioli dish on our menu for only $15!

History of Ravioli

Ravioli dates back to the 14th century, mentioned in the personal letters of Francesco di Marco Datini – a merchant of Prato. The stuffing inside the delicate layers of dough can consist of cheeses, meats, or vegetables! Our favourite filling at the Made in Italy cucina is spinach and ricotta. The shape can be circular semi-circular, or more traditionally, square.

Join us on Thursday 19th to celebrate our love for these stuffed Italian dumplings. You can attempt to make them at home – a daunting task, or you can order online from us. Choose from our decadent sauces: anything from tomatoes, cream or basil, and enjoy them delivered to your doorstep with free delivery on all orders over $25 and now offering contactless delivery.

As always grazie for reading and Buon Appetito 🥰😋

Nonna Vittoria👵