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New Year New Flavor Adventures

It’s the turn of a decade, and our bodies want big changes and we have a good one for you: be more food adventurous!

We know, we know… it sounds a bit silly. But think about it – your regular Margherita pizza order is getting a bit bland. You need adventure, a new palate to take you on culinary adventures in the 2020’s. Have a try at some of our more adventurous pizzas and engage your explorer spirit through your taste buds!

The Napoli

This southern Italian inspired pizza features a salty little friend that you either love or you hate. Anchovies are high in protein and omega-3 and they are only for distinguished palates – is this going to be you?. Take the plunge and enjoy this Neapolitan anchovy dream also featuring our much-loved tomato sauce, olives and gooey mozzarella.

The Contadina

This pizza made in heaven in an unexpected but perfect combination of ingredients. Potato on pizza – who would have thought? It was actually the very creators of pizza, the Italians many years ago. Pizza bianca con patate e rosmarino (white base pizza with potato & rosemary) is a typical Roman fare that you can enjoy delivered to your doorstep in Sydney with Made in Italy! We’ve added our own twist with the fan-favourite Italian Sausage, so go ahead and order a Contadina today!

The Funghi

Mushrooms are the star of this round masterpiece, but they can be a controversial vegetable (or fungi?). However, mushrooms are high in B vitamins – protecting heart health, boosting your red blood cells and helping your digestive system & skin. They’re super good for you, and taste great too! When you put mushrooms, mozzarella, oregano, parmesan and garlic on our crispy Made in Italy crust, you might realise how much you truly love mushrooms!

As always grazie for reading and Buon Appetito 🥰😋

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