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New Year New Flavor Adventures

It’s the turn of a decade, and our bodies want big changes and we have a good one for you: be more food adventurous!

We know, we know… it sounds a bit silly. But think about it – your regular Margherita pizza order is getting a bit bland. You need adventure, a new palate to take you on culinary adventures in the 2020’s. Have a try at some of our more adventurous pizzas and engage your explorer spirit through your taste buds!

The Napoli

This southern Italian inspired pizza features a salty little friend that you either love or you hate. Anchovies are high in protein and omega-3 and they are only for distinguished palates – is this going to be you?. Take the plunge and enjoy this Neapolitan anchovy dream also featuring our much-loved tomato sauce, olives and gooey mozzarella.

The Contadina

This pizza made in heaven in an unexpected but perfect combination of ingredients. Potato on pizza – who would have thought? It was actually the very creators of pizza, the Italians many years ago. Pizza bianca con patate e rosmarino (white base pizza with potato & rosemary) is a typical Roman fare that you can enjoy delivered to your doorstep in Sydney with Made in Italy! We’ve added our own twist with the fan-favourite Italian Sausage, so go ahead and order a Contadina today!

Feeling brave? Go for it! Order our under-loved pizzas and give them what they deserve. We’ll make it easy for you with free delivery for orders over $25. Kickstart your year with Made in Italy!

Buon Appetito

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