Ciao couch travellers! Our time in Anzio has come to an end, and we continue on our Italian tour down the west coast.  We are choosing weekly destinations around our mother country, and giving you interactive & immersive suggestions on how to travel there digitally! Now that we’re caught up, after a three-hour car journey, we have reached the famous city of Napoli! 

Week 4: Napoli

The third largest city in all of Italy has been standing since 8th century BC. It’s an epicentre of traditional food, ancient history and powerful nature. The very first pizzeria in the world was opened in Napoli in 1830, and it remains open today! From Naples, you can see both the seafood-rich ocean and the infamous Mount Vesuvius that exploded in 79AD and destroyed the city of Pompeii. Let’s tour the home of Neapolitans.

Pizza Pompeii

To enjoy the flavours of Napoli during your staycation adventure, the Made in Italy chefs have teamed up to bring you Pizza Pompeii, an experimental take on the Neapolitan Pizza di Patate, featuring; a Tomato base, sliced Potato, Bacon, Oregano, and Mozzarella.

To See in Napoli

The Naples National Archaeological Museum is one of the largest archaeological museums in the world. It is renowned for its large Roman, Pompeiian and Egyptian collections. Try finding the cheeky art from Pompeii that’s hidden in a tucked-away room!

The waterfront castles – Castel dell’Ovo and Castel Nuovo – are a sight to behold in Naples. They are strong fortresses in picturesque locations, free to visit, and worth it for their views and museums.

To Do in Napoli

Visit Herculaneum & Pompeii. These two cities were fully submerged by ash and lava in the Mount Vesuvius explosion of 79AD. Both cities are on the Circumvesuviana railway line, so the trip there is hassle free. Visit Pompeii for an insight into what large Roman cities used to look like, and Herculaneum for a more intimate view into the daily life of the ancients.

Flavours of Napoli

Naples is the birthplace of pizza. The famous Margherita Pizza was named in Naples after Queen Margherita, when a pizza maker was asked to create something for the king and his wife. So a trip down to Napoli isn’t complete without the simply delicious mix of Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil.

But Napoli is also home to some of Europe’s best street food. Pasty masterpieces like sfogliatella (a little crispy cake filled with ricotta cream) and Babà (a soft cake soaked in rum & syrup). Find this all in Spaccanapoli, the street food alleyway!

Bringing Napoli Home

Grab this week’s pizza creation – Pizza Pompeii otherwise, try your hand at our beloved menu classics: the Pizza Margherita and the Pizza Napoli, for that traditional taste.

For an ancient exploration of the region, watch either the 1930’s flick The Last Days of Pompeii or the 2014 action flick Pompeii. If you want a more modern immersion into the Neapolitan area, settle down and bask in Eat, Pray, Love, for proof that Neapolitan pizza is truly life-changing. Or for a dip into the Neapolitan underbelly, and get hooked on Gomorrah; a TV series about the Camorrah (Napoli’s organised crime syndicate).

Hope you enjoy your adventure in Napoli and we’ll see you next week in Sardinia

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Lastly, as always buon appetito!

Nonna Vittoria👵