The Italian Staycation Experience

Welcome to the beginning of the #MadeinItalyStaycation adventure! In this uncertain time, working indoors and with an end to the travel ban no longer on the 2020 horizon, all we are doing is dreaming of the days when we can finally jet off and see the world. In the meantime, the Made in Italy team has decided to bring the Italian vacation of your dreams, straight to your home! So stay home, and get ready to experience La Dolce Vita without the jetlag.

Every week we will be exploring a new place in our Italian motherland, showing you what to see, do & eat for an immersive experience all from your own home! 

Spending so much time inside in this current global climate has driven some of us stir crazy. There is nothing we wouldn’t do to jet set on a plane tomorrow, and experience all the delectable and unique cuisines around the world. Oh, to taste some gooey Margherita pizza whilst looking  out at the Colloseo, or slurping up some fettuccine in the Tuscan vineyards.

Fortunately for you, Made in Italy is still open! And with our free delivery and some added extras, you can get that Italian summer holiday right from your home. (Don’t worry, we offer NO CONTACT delivery so you can stay safe during your staycation!).

Don’t know where in Italy you’d rather go? Let us help you plan the perfect Italian experience. Light up some candles, pour the wine, turn on the television and choose your trip:

The Cheesy Date in Verona

What to watch: Letters to Juliet

What to order: Spaghetti Polpette and a Tiramisu

Take a trip to country Veneto and let your inner rom-com lover come out. Emotional eating is always allowed, so slurp up your spaghetti with your lover and don’t forget the sweet treat for dessert.

The Thrilling Holiday in Venice

What to watch: The Tourist

What to order: Lasagna and a Garlic Bread

Let this romantic thriller take you on a whirlwind of adventure and passion with its two gorgeous stars. For such a film with so many layered elements, you need your lasagna and garlic bread to match. Pasta, meat, cheese and garlic? Yes please.

The Vintage Dream in Florence

What to watch: A Room With a View

What to order: A Tricolore pizza and a Rughetta Salad

Take a trip down memory lane with this 1985 Romance/Drama flick. Enjoy this old-school film with the classic flavours and colours of this pizza (the colours that make up the Italian flag!) and a refreshing Tuscan salad to match.

The Mysterious Getaway in Rome

What to watch: Angels and Demons

What to order: A Capricciosa pizza and the Mushroom Arancini

Bring out your detective hats and get ready for things to get intense. Are you sweating from the thrill of the movie or the chilli flakes in the pizza? Whatever it is, the mushroom arancini will soothe you.

Start your Italian staycation experience tonight and don’t forget to download our app iOS or Android as we feed you like family and every 11th online order is FREE!

As always grazie for reading, stay safe and healthy, and of course Buon Appetito 

Nonna Vittoria👵